Team motivation and performance management

Gamification for humans working as a team

Get started today with Motivarnos and use the challenges, competitions, badges and rankings to improve the motivation of your teams and the results of your collaborators.


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Motivarnos allowed us to improve the performance results of the group of participants (AHT, ACW, etc.), improve the spirit of the team, the integration and also in some cases, the aspect of self-improvement. Entertainment, productivity, motivation, interest, heterogeneity, were part of an equation that resulted in a very satisfactory and innovative experience. LA CAJA DE AHORRO Y SEGUROS, MARCELO GRECO, CUSTOMER SERVICES MANAGER

Team motivation

  • Badges: Recognize the talent and progress of each individual
  • Missions: Promote instant speech update and agent training without taking them offline
  • Awards: Optimize ROI: No points, no awards, no awards, no production

Performance management

  • Betting: Challenge your users to employees their metrics
  • Fixtures: Host tournaments and performance-based contests
  • Performance: Award points for goals achieved and exceeded

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